Our Services


MAREVISIO is a leading design, consulting and management company established in Hong Kong and Hainan that offers complete services adapted to the Chinese and Asian markets.

Our multi awards winning team offers professional and customized consulting services in:
- Yachts management
- Staff and super yachts crew training
- Marinas and Clubs implementation and management
- Mergers & acquisitions advisory

MAREVISIO executives have a proven track record in Europe, Taiwan and China in various fields, as well as contacts and partnerships worldwide.

Scope of Business

MAREVISIO Core values:

- 40 years’ experience in the marine field
- First and foremost experience of China market
- Proven track records
- Transparency in sourcing and operations
- Outstanding top management
- Extensive knowledge and experience
- International standards
- Adaptable solutions
- Reliability

MAREVISIO Experience:

- Marine and submarine operations
- Harbor design & management
- Ships and yachts handling and servicing
- Fleet management
- Shipyard management
- Yacht club set-up and operations
- Sailing school management
- Equestrian and business clubs
- Large events management
- Media/PR and promotion

Marinas & Yachts Services

MAREVISIO is a pool of experts that provide consulting services for marina projects under a number of configurations:
- BOT: On large governmental projects
- DMOT: On private and corporate projects of any size
- DST: On any marina project
- DOT: on any existing project
Consulting services are adaptable and modular, so they can match any configuration and organizational system. We can offer turn-key projects or assist our clients with any module.

• Proven skills and track records
• Unique combination of international and local market knowledge
• Transparency in all operations
• Best costs control and streamlining of systems

For details do not hesitate to get in touch.