Yacht Products

New Technologies

Aqueous Guard® coatings are based on the latest molecular scale technology available, for complete durability and high strength coatings, that offer a large number of benefits such as:
- High-gloss
- Protection from UV
- Protection from salt water and salty air
- Protection from diesel stains & engines fumes
- Protection from oxidation & acid rain
-Full Support and training
- Anti-corrosive,Anti-graffiti
-Easy cleaning
- Reduce maintenance & cleaning time
- Expert application offers warranty

Aqueous Guard®, designed and manufactured in the UK by Revolutionary Protective Solutions Ltd, create specialist coatings providing a range of benefits over and above current coatings on the market. All raw materials where possible are sourced from the UK and manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in the UK. With our specialist application partners in each sector we are able to offer coatings to protect your valuable assets on a global scale meaning everything is taken care of by our teams for you.

Range of Applications

Hydro Coat & Clear Coat

These two coatings are suitable for application on FRP, gelcoat and paints and give an extra glossy, long lasting finish. They are a favorite of super yachts. Hydro coat can be applied by the crew while Clear coat needs to be applied by a professional team and offers a two-year warranty.

Metal Coat

Metal coat gives all metals (stainless steel, chrome, brass...) a perfect finish. They protect the metal from oxidation and gives it a perfect gloss on which finger prints won't make marks. Easy to apply and easy to remove by polishing.

Fabric & Leather coat

Fabric and leather Coats are a protection solution for yacht or car interiors, sofas and other wall linings, preventing stains and color loss. They are not recommended for vinyl surfaces; for vinyl, simply use Hydro Coat.

Glass & Stone

Glass Coat prevents glass stains from water dripping and prevent dirt to attach to the glass. It is suitable in residential and automotive applications. Stone Coat is made for the waterproofing of stone surfaces. It is used for counter tops as well as house walls in cold countries to prevent water infiltration and cracking of the stones.


Aqueous Guard® coatings can all be used on cars as well as trains. They are particularly efficient on high speed train, as these collect layers of grime while traveling at high speed through polluted areas. Reduce cleaning time considerably.


Airplanes are even more subject to stains due to their operating speed. Glass and body treated with Aqueous Guard® coatings will significantly reduce the grounding time for cleaning. They also reduce the Deicing time in cold airports and prevent the bright decors and logos discoloration.